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February 6, 2008

Welcome to the world's first proportional viewing news website, Port Stanley News.com. What does proportional viewing mean in this instance?

At the very top of your screen you will see a line which says "Select Your Monitor Resolution 800 1024 1280 1440 1680". These numbers are standard resolution sizes for computer screens up to a 24" wide screen monitor. One of those numbers will be highlighted, probably 1024. The highlighted number means that is screen resolution size you are currently looking at. Whatever screen resolution you are on, the line will also say "Currently Viewing - (and that number)".

To change to a different resolution so that the page fits your screen, simply click on a different number until you find the best fit for your monitor. You do not need to change the display settings of your monitor!!! The site will instantly adjust pictures, text and layout to fit each resolution size offered, which means you can take full advantage of a larger screen monitor and see the site the way it was intended to be seen, with everything in proper proportion! No more empty side bars because the screen resolution on your computer is bigger than the design of the site, and no more overlap of text and images because the site design is larger than your computer's screen resolution.

Go ahead and click on the various screen sizes and find the one you like best for your computer monitor. Once you find the one you like, click on "Add to Favorites" in the upper left of you browser (and if it asks you do you want to over write, then say yes) and you will have refreshed your bookmark. If you do not refresh your bookmark, next time you come you may go to an error page with a link to this new site and the instruction to refresh your bookmark.

Even after refreshing you bookmark, you will always be able to click through and choose another screen resolution size at any time and on any page. When you choose one bigger than your own screen resolution size, you will have to scroll more (both from side to side and up and down), but it's great for looking at pictures in the full size.

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