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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Regional Catholic Teachers To Launch Job Action


Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association
Catholic Teachers To Launch Job Action

Toronto, Jan. 08, 2020 - The Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA) has announced that unless a tentative agreement is reached, members across the province will be taking administrative job action beginning Monday, January 13.

"We have not taken this decision lightly, but we believe it is necessary to secure a fair contract and protect publicly funded education in Ontario," says Liz Stuart, President of OECTA. "We have been doing our part to negotiate an agreement, including meeting almost 40 times with the government and school board trustees. However, the Ford government has been disorganized and disrespectful throughout the process, and they continue to insist on an agreement that includes significant cuts."

In November, OECTA members voted 97.1 per cent in favour of taking strike action if necessary. As part of this initial action, OECTA members will be refraining from activities such as preparing report cards, participating in EQAO-related activities, and attending or participating in Ministry of Education initiatives. The action will continue until a tentative agreement is reached. Further strike action, including a possible full withdrawal of services, could become necessary if the government refuses to change their positions.

"We know Minister Lecce and other members of the government will trot out their misleading talking points about union escalation, but the reality is that this type of widespread strike action is rare," says Stuart. "Ontarians overwhelmingly oppose this government's regressive education agenda, and they understand that teachers must do what is necessary to protect our rights and ensure quality education for all students, now and in the future."

The announcement comes ahead of bargaining dates scheduled for January 9 and 10. "It is never too late to do the right thing," says Stuart. "As we go back to the bargaining table this week, Catholic teachers call on the government to abandon their preoccupation with slashing spending, recognize that publicly funded education is an investment, and finally get serious about working toward an agreement that protects our world-class education system."


The Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association will begin job action on Monday, January 13, unless a tentative agreement is reached with the government and Catholic school board trustees. This job action will affect government and/or school board initiatives only; it will have no impact on student learning.

This job action will include the following:

  • Report Cards:
    • OECTA members shall not participate in the preparation and inputting of report card comments, including learning skills.
      • Members shall input marks only on the report cards;
      • Kindergarten teachers shall only input one sentence per frame;
      • OECTA members in secondary schools shall not prepare progress report cards.
  • Data Entry:
    • OECTA members shall not enter diagnostic testing data in school board systems.
  • EQAO:
    • OECTA members shall not participate in any EQAO-related activities, including field testing, marking, administrative duties, test preparation, and administration of the test.
  • Ministry of Education Initiatives:
    • OECTA members shall not attend or participate in any meetings, and/or undertake tasks related to any Ministry of Education initiative.
      • OECTA members shall not conduct or submit any student assessment data (i.e., OnSis/MISA) for any purpose other than their own personal student assessment.
  • Meetings:
    • OECTA members shall not attend staff meetings, department meetings, divisional meetings, Ministry or board in-services, or any other such activity.
  • Professional Development (PD) Days:
    • OECTA members will engage in self-directed professional development activities on PD days. Members must report to their regularly assigned workplace on any PD days that occur during the job action, and determine how to use that time to best meet their professional development needs.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 08 January 2020 12:31:25 PM EST

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