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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  News Regular/Planning Meeting Of Council On Monday, March 26th, 2018


by Doug Harvey
RegularPlanning Meeting Of Council On Monday, March 26th, 2018
lead photo: OPP Inspector Brad Fishleigh
main photo: Tom Marks

The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin

Regular/Planning Meeting Of Council On Monday, March 26th, 2018


A Motion moved by Dan McNeil and Sally Martyn that Council approve the following Addendum to the Agenda for the Regular/Planning Meeting of Council on Monday, March 26th, 2018 being Closed Session Item Number Two. The Motion was Carried.

Roll Call - Stephen Carr was absent.

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof - None disclosed.

Adoption of Minutes

Minutes of the Regular/Planning Meeting of Council dated Monday, February 26, 2018 were adopted.


1. Elgin County OPP
Inspector Brad Fishleigh, Elgin County OPP Detachment was in attendance to present the Calls For Service Billing Summary Report and 2017 OPP Elgin County Year End Report.

In 2017 our policing priorities, as identified through community consultation, were Traffic Safety, Crime Prevention, and Increased Visibility.

In 2017 Elgin OPP continued to focus on service delivery using the Ontario Mobilization and Engagement Model of Community Policing. We have engaged our community partners and stakeholders to form collaborative partnerships and develop strategies that will allow us to respond more effectively to social issues like mental illness, domestic violence, and issues involving youth.

With the continued support of the Police Services Board, Municipal Councils, and our Community Policing Committees, Elgin County OPP will continue to provide a service that is professional, transparent, and appropriate to the circumstances, respecting the individual dignity of all persons.

Elgin County OPP Detachment has undergone many changes in 2017. We have combined our Property Crimes officers and Drug officer to form a Street Crime Team that works in partnership with our neighbouring Middlesex Detachment.

The Elgin County Auxiliary Unit also experienced numerous changes in 2017 and is led by S/Sgt, Jeff Lister. Our Auxiliary unit is currently at 13 members and we continue to recruit for future openings. The unit continues to provide a great service to the community as you will see later in this report.

Our members participated in over 40 events ranging from food drives to tractor pulls and staffed 30 marine unit shifts.

  • Port Dover
  • Prescription Drug Drop Off Day
  • Rosy Rhubarb in Shedden
  • Kids and Cops Fishing Derby in Port Bruce (Pt. Glasgow, Springwater C.A.)
  • Canada Day Celebrations in Rodney and Port Burwell
  • Rollover Demonstration at Dalewood C.A.
  • Various Remembrance Day Ceremonies
  • Various Santa Claus Parades

In 2017 members provided over 3,100 hours of service at some of the events we were able to participate in throughout the year.

Our Annual Business Plan has been changed to a three year Action Plan to coincide with the new OPP three year Strategic Plan. Our 2017-2019 Action Plan priorities as identified with community and Police Service Board consultation are:

  • Crime
    • Reducing victimization resulting from Domestic Violence and related occurrences
    • Reduction in property crimes including Break & Enters and theft from motor vehicles
    • Reducing victimization from cyber and /or technology-enabled crime
  • Drugs
    • Continued emphasis on drug investigations focusing on trafficking and drugs in schools
  • Traffic
    • Concentrating on The Big Four; impaired driving, speeding/aggressive driving, inattentive/ distracted driving, and seat belt use.
    • Motorcycle related collisions
    • Animal related collisions
  • Other
    • Marine patrol and emergency response on Lake Erie
    • Response to persons with mental illness or crisis
    • Reducing 911 pocket dials
    • Reducing false alarms

The Community Satisfaction Survey done in 2017 showed that 98.4% of respondents felt “very safe” or “safe” in their community.

Elgin County OPP is very blessed to have a strong network of Community Policing Committees to represent the municipalities we serve. We work in partnership with our committees to identify and resolve issues of crime and traffic that are identified by the community. In addition, our committees volunteer countless hours of their time to support many community initiatives, particularly those that assist children, the elderly and vulnerable groups.

Elgin County has six Community Policing Committees located in West Elgin, Southwold, Port Stanley, Belmont, Malahide, and Bayham. Elgin County OPP is very appreciative of the hard work all of our committees do to support their community and the OPP. In 2017 we continued to work with our committees using the Ontario Mobilization & Engagement Model of Community Policing and all committees are now using the model as a guide to assist them in setting priorities and objectives.

Constable Adam Crewdson continued in the role of Community Safety Officer (CSO) for the Elgin County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) this year. This year we had great successes and strengthened partnerships with media outlets and other community partners.

The schools were well served by the Knowledge Influences Decisions and Situations (KIDS) program throughout the County. This program is similar to the Values Influences and Peers programs that other police forces use with the grade 6 classes. Cst Crewdson was asked by the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) and the London Catholic District School Board (LCDSB) to come and help with training of the new grade 6 teachers. This training showed what the program is about and how it is implemented by the OPP throughout the varying Counties the school board operates in. This was a great showing of how Adam continues to work together with other stakeholders.

Elgin OPP was pleased to participate again this year in the Racing Against Drugs (RAD) event. This event provides knowledge to elementary school youth about the dangers of drugs in our society. It is a partnership with the TVDSB and the LCDSB. Youth from all schools in Elgin County, St. Thomas, and Aylmer attend this event. Cst. Crewdson played a key role in facilitating the overall groups in addition to the OPP pit stop.

During the summer months when school was out, Cst. Crewdson continued to support detachment goals by being an active member of our Marine Operators out on Lake Erie within the water ways of the County.

Elgin County OPP Calls for Service:

  • 2015 - 13,016
  • 2016 - 13,415
  • 2017 - 14,257
  • 5 Year Average - 13,734
  West Elgin Dutton Dunwich Southwold Central Elgin Malahide Bayham
2015 1171 808 1044 2325 1204 1098
2016 1079 775 1073 2416 1381 1151
2017 1185 807 1092 2535 1332 1194

The safety of motorists on Elgin County roads has always been a priority for Elgin Detachment. Our Traffic Management Team is dedicated to enforcement and response to traffic complaints within the County.

Officers conducted 196 static RIDE checks in 2017, in addition to other tactics used to identify and remove impaired drivers. Festive RIDE was in operation from Nov 20th to Jan 6th. During that time officers conducted 119 RIDE checks charging 8 impaired drivers and issuing 5 three day suspensions.

  Fatal Crashes Remaining Crashes
  2016 2017 2016 2017
Alcohol Involved 0 1 24 27
No Seat Belt 0 2 13 16
Aggressive Driving 0 2 88 98
Distracted Driving 3 0 106 98
Animal Related 0 0 310 285

Elgin County Detachment has 5 qualified marine operators conducting marine patrols, supported by a summer marine student and the Elgin Auxiliary Unit. The Marine Unit is out early for the May long weekend to ensure the boating public is ready for the boating season with properly equipped vessels and properly qualified captains. Officers are on the water patrolling every weekend and attend water related community events including Can-Fest, Harbourfest and Tall Ships in Port Stanley and Tub Daze in Port Burwell. The marine unit is responsible for approximately 450 square kilometers of Lake Erie and covers approximately 100 km of shoreline along the north shore of the Lake. This includes the four ports of Port Burwell, Port Bruce, Port Stanley and Port Glasgow.

Year Marine Hours # of Vessels Checked # of Charges (Criminal, Provincial, Marine)
2015 259 325 12
2016 313 334 5
2017 194 303 7

We are still using a loaner boat as our boat was burned in the harbour two years ago, and has never been replaced. The persons responsible were charged and the court has ordered a repayment schedule to pay for the loss of the boat. So far we have received three payments that will go towards a new boat.

In 2017 Elgin County Detachment continued our commitment to crime prevention. A large component of this goal is the pro-active education provided through media outlets and presentations provided by our CSO. We continue to follow the principles of Intelligence Led Policing and are also committed to the Crime Abatement Program which centres on ensuring repeat offenders abide by the conditions placed on them by the courts upon their release. Elgin Detachment has shifted from a “Directed Patrol” program to a more specific “Focused Patrol” program. Using analytics from the Detachment Analyst we identify areas of concern and assign officers to specific focused patrols related to crime and traffic trends.

  Criminal Charges POA Charges Foot Patrol Focused Patrol
2015 755 5109 856 6913
2016 757 5019 954 948
2017 662 5396 955 411

False Alarms - Elgin OPP officers responded to 347 false alarms in 2017 up from 291 in 2016.

911 Calls - Elgin OPP Officers responded to 569 - 911 calls in 2017 down from 613 in 2016.

We experienced an increase in Break & Enters in the central and east end of the county in 2017 and an overall increase of 26 across the county.

  West Elgin Dutton Dunwich Southwold Central Elgin Malahide Bayham
2015 26 12 10 13 15 10
2016 40 4 5 28 14 9
2017 27 8 11 35 21 24

Our domestic violence occurrences in Elgin County have remained fairly consistent with the lower numbers experienced in previous years except for an increase in Central Elgin. In 2017 we have continued to work with our partner agencies, like Violence against Women Services Elgin County, to increase awareness and education and provide alternative services from the community.

  West Elgin Dutton Dunwich Southwold Central Elgin Malahide Bayham
2015 69 28 29 53 46 56
2016 52 33 34 53 41 48
2017 51 25 35 66 36 50

Other Crimes

  Robbery Assaults Sexual Assaults Theft Under Theft Over Theft from MV Mischief Auto Theft
2015 0 113 25 132 20 39 162 45
2016 1 131 32 153 20 31 119 49
2017 1 106 24 155 28 72 150 58

Drugs Drugs charges are down primarily due to the impending legislation of marijuana, and focus is being directed towards trafficking.

  Occurrences Search Warrants CDSA Charges
2015 110 0 72
2016 82 10 94
2017 84 6 49

Elgin County OPP continues to support the London Elgin Middlesex Crime Stoppers Program. This program has been very successful in 2017, handling 1826 tips that resulted in the clearance of 39 criminal cases, 71 criminal charges, over $43,000 in recovered property, 9 weapon seized, and over $83,000 in seized drugs. Does not use any tax dollars, works entirely on fund raising and donations.

Elgin County OPP has implemented a number of strategies to reduce the use of overtime, including the creation of overlap shifts from 3:00 pm to 3:00 am and noon to midnight to match peak time for calls for service.In addition there are policies that govern when officers are called in on overtime.

  • 2013 - 3,568
  • 2014 - 3,775
  • 2015 - 3,242
  • 2016 - 3,757
  • 2017 - 3,688

Overtime Expenditure by Municipality 2017

  • West Elgin - 11%
  • Dutton Dunwich - 11%
  • Southwold - 10%
  • Central Elgin - 40%
  • Malahide - 14%
  • Bayham - 14%

A total revenue of $44,394.57 was collected on behalf of the municipality by the OPP for services provided such as Criminal Record checks. Of the 2762 Criminal Records checks completed 196 persons required fingerprints for RCMP verification.

Each year Elgin County OPP completes an application for a RIDE Grant through Mothers Against Drinking and Driving. In 2017 Elgin OPP received $13,618.00 and all of that grant money has been spent to provide officers at RIDE checks throughout the County, with the bulk of those checks occurring during the Festive RIDE Season.

Sally Martyn asked why were Ride Checks being held in Sparta during the middle of the day, in the middle of the week? Inspector Brad Fishleigh replied that by using analitics we can determine the areas where we have the most success stopping impaired drivers, and to have a presence in the remote areas. Tips are also very helpful and sometimes used several days in a row in catching a habitual drinker.

Harold Winkworth commented that he noticed that the OPP was very busy on Centennial ave last Saturday stopping speeders. One of the area residents even offered coffee to keep the OPP in the area due to an ongoing speeding problem on that road. He also commended Inspector Fishleigh for their efforts and asked, "What is the solution?". Inspector Brad Fishleigh replied that enforcement is only one small part of the solution, we have to look at other things to slow people down. Whether it's education, traffic calming, or sometimes it's just presence. We use analytics to determine where we need to be, at what time to make the most impact.

2. Donation of Land to KCCA
Tom Marks, Ferguson Line, was in attendance to discuss donation of valley lands to Kettle Creek Conservation Authority.

At its June 2013 Planning meeting, Council received a deputation from Tom Marks regarding the possible severance of the valley lands on his property at 44382 Ferguson Line. The purpose of the proposed severance was to donate the lands to the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority (KCCA) for their long term management and protection as natural open space. The lands offer an opportunity for the KCCA to extend the ownership of the Kettle Creek valley system from St. Thomas northerly to its current limits at the Dan Patterson Conservation area. Council directed staff to meet with Mr. Marks and staff from the KCCA to determine if a scenario could be reached that met with the policies of the Official Plan.

After much discussion and meetings with Mr. Marks and KCCA/Municipal staff, a scenario has been negotiated that works in terms of Official Plan policy and Mr. Mark's desire's for the future of his family's property.

This scenario involves the severing of a parcel, approximately 42 acres with 128 meters of frontage on Ferguson Line, which includes the bulk of the ravine lands and a connecting link or `bridge just to the north of the home farm to connect the two principle natural heritage areas. It is proposed that the " bridge" would form a wildlife corridor link between the two, to be planted by the KCCA. Mr. Marks and staff discussed the possibility of an agreement between the KCCA and himself by which the Authority would leave an access through the corridor for the purposes of farm access to the fields until such time as the fields are sold to another operator. Staff have asked the KCCA to confirm that the width of the " bridge" ( currently shown as approximately 30 meters) would be adequate for a wildlife corridor purpose.

The severance would leave two retained parcels:

  • The first includes the bulk of the agricultural lands, which are proposed to remain in agricultural production. This parcel is approximately 69 acres in size with 235 meters of frontage on Ferguson Line.
  • The second includes the home farm and surrounding lands down to Ferguson Line. This parcel is approximately 9 acres in size with 99 meters of frontage of Ferguson Line.

Also is a potential lot addition to Mr. Mark's sister's property. This is approximately 1 acre in size and would add about 44 meters of frontage to her lot.

The lands to be severed are designated Natural Heritage in the Municipality of Central Elgin Official Plan. Council may use its flexibility provisions to interpret the plan relative to the bridge" feature should it support the concept. The policies of the Official Plan for Natural Heritage support efforts towards the long term protection and enhancement of significant woodlands and valley lands. In this regard I believe that this latest scenario is worthy of Council's consideration and reflects Mr. Mark's desire's for the future stewardship of the valley lands.

A Motion moved by Sally Martyn and seconded by Harold Winkworth that Council supports in principal Tom Marks, Marks Dairy Farms, 44382 Ferguson Line making application to the County of Elgin Land Division Committee for proposed severance of that Heritage lands. The Motion was Carried.

Correspondence (Action)

1. Outdoor Seasonal Vendor - 2018
2018 Port Stanley Outdoor Seasonal Vendor Application received from Beach Baby.

A Motion moved by Sally Martyn and seconded by Dennis Crevits that the Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin approve Port Stanley Outdoor Seasonal Vendor Application received from Elisabeth Hickey, Beach Baby subject to the following conditions:

  • That the applicant comply with the Outdoor Seasonal Vendor Policy as adopted by Council;
  • The applicant provide Liability Insurance in the amount of $5,000,000.00 naming the Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin as co-insured and held harmless;
  • And that the applicant provide payment of applicable fees;
  • And further That Council Authorize staff to approve the location for said permit for 2018.
The Motion was Carried.

Correspondence (for Council's Information)

A Motion moved by Fiona Roberts and seconded by Dan McNeil that Correspondence for Council's Information Items #1 - #6 inclusive be received as information and filed. The Motion was Carried.

1. Regulatory Reforms - Municipal Eligible Investments
Correspondence received from Ministry of Municipal Affairs outlining recent reforms to municipal eligible investment authorities under the Municipal Act, 2001.

2. Landfill Projects
Correspondence received from the Township of South Stormont seeking support for their resolution respecting landfill projects in or adjacent to their communities.

3. Noise By-law Committee
Copy of Noise By-law Committee meeting minutes dated December 1, 2017.

4. Elgin County Library
Correspondence received from the County of Elgin advising of 2018 Library Usage and Statistics Report.

5. NEWS - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Correspondence received from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs respecting "Ontario Improving Roads, Bridge and Water Systems".

6. County of Elgin
Correspondence received from the County of Elgin advising of Approval of Official Plan Amendment No. 6, 14020 Belmont Road.


Central Elgin Planning Office

CEP 15-18 Application for a Consent No. E11/18 - Kenneth Charles Goodhue and Margaret Alice Goodhue, Edgeware Line.

A Motion moved by Harold Winkworth and seconded by Sally Martyn that the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin has no objections to consent application E11/18 Kenneth Charles Goodhue and Margaret Alice Goodhue, Edgeware Line subject to the following conditions:

  • approval of zoning by-law amendment to permit an agricultural related use on the severed lot;
  • the severed lot is subject to site plan approval;
  • the payment of cash-in-lieu of the dedication of 2% of the land for parkland purposes;
  • the Municipality of Central Elgin be provided with a copy of the Reference Plan.
  • and a drainage reassessment be done if necessary at the owners expense.
The Motion was Carried.

CEP 16-18 Application to Amend Township of Yarmouth By-law 1998 - Jake Fehr, 9907 Penhale Road

A Motion moved by Dan McNeil and seconded by Sally Martyn that Report CEP 16-18 be received; And that direction be given by Council to prepare a site-specific draft amendment to the Zoning By-law to permit a home renovation company as a rural home occupation on lands located at 9907 Penhale Road, which may be legally described as Part of Lot 25, Concession 9, geographic Township of Yarmouth, now Municipality of Central Elgin; And further that a date for a public meeting be scheduled for April 23rd, 2018 at 7:20 p.m. in accordance with Ontario Regulation 545/06 as amended. The Motion was Carried.

Chief Administrative Officer

CAO 11-18 Compliance Audit Committee - 2018 - 2022 & Draft Terms of Reference

A Motion moved by Dennis Crevits and seconded by Fiona Roberts that Report no. CAO 11-18 entitled Compliance Audit Committee - 2018 - 2022 be received;

And that the attached terms of reference for the Elgin Election Joint Compliance Audit Committee for the 2018 Municipal Election be approved;

And that staff be directed to prepare the necessary by-law to adopt the terms of reference for the 2018 Elgin Election Joint Compliance Audit Committee for the 2018 Municipal Election, as required by the Municipal Elections Act, 2006;

And further that Council direct that the annual operating costs of the Elgin Election Joint Compliance Audit Committee be financed through the Elections Reserve.

The Motion was Carried.

Director of Physical Services

PW 08-18 Lake Road Diversion Drain - Urban Assessments

A Motion moved by Harold Winkworth and Seconded by Sally Martyn that the Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin direct staff to assess urban residential and commercial properties as block assessment to the Municipality, which is paid through general taxes, and the agricultural properties will be assessed the traditional way and be invoiced as per option two in Report PW 08-18. The Motion was Carried.

Director of Financial Services/Treasurer

DFS 06-18 2017 Statement of Remuneration and Expenses for Council Members

A Motion moved by Dan McNeil and Seconded by Fiona Roberts that the Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin receive Report DFS 06-18 2017 Statement of Remuneration and Expenses for Council Members as information.

Name Remuneration Special Meetings Mileage Conventions Seminars Total
Marr $19,392.24 $6,750.00 $900.54 $158.73 $27,201.51
Martyn $12,782.83 $7,377.43 $450.26 0 $20,610.52
Carr $9,845.64 $8,025.00 $450.26 $3,039.01 $21,359.91
McNeil $9,845.64 $8,775.00 $450.26 $79.25 $19,150.15
Roberts $9,845.64 $3,300.00 $450.26 $3,632.20 $17,228.10
Winkworth $9,845.64 $5,175.00 $450.26 $3,500.45 $18,971.35
Crevits $9,845.64 $6,900.00 $450.26 $3,646.81 $20,842.71
Total $81,403.27 $46,302.43 $3,602.10 $14,056.45 $145,364.25

The Motion was Carried.

Director of Fire Rescue Services/Fire Chief

FS 03-18 Monthly Alarm Activities Report

A Motion Moved by Dennis Crevits and Seconded by Harold Winkworth that the Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin receive Report FS 03-18 Monthly Alarm Activities Report as information. The Motion was Carried.


By-law 2245 Prior Municipal Drain "Branch C" was removed from the list as it was deferred until another report can be presented.

A Motion Moved by Sally Martyn and Seconded by Dan McNeil that By-law 2242, 2243, 2246, and 2247 be taken collectively. The Motions were read 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time and finally passed collectively.

By-law 2242 Confirmatory By-law

By-law 2243 Establish an Elgin Election Joint Compliance Audit Committee for the 2018 Municipal Election

By-law 2245 Prior Municipal Drain "Branch C" - FIRST and SECOND READING

By-law 2246 Adopt Certain Health & Safety and Human Resources Policy - Personal Emergency Leave

By-law 2247 Establish a Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Local Boards

Public Notice


New Business

David Marr commented that he had people calling him about their recent tax notices with a final instalment payment date that's now due in September. Farmers generally harvest after that date and will experience difficulty making that final instalment in September. I wonder if we could take a look at that to see what our options are. Director of Finance Karen Harris commented that Council could direct staff to amend the Tax Rate By-law to amend clause seven to restate the dates to September and November as they were last year. A majority of Council members agreed to give staff direction to prepare an amended Tax Rate By-law for Councils consideration.

Closed Session - Council went into Closed Session at 8:15 P.M.

CS1 Litigation or Potential Litigation (s.239(2)(e)) and/or Personal Matters about an Identifiable Individual (s.239(2)(b)) and/or Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239(2)(d))

Addendum Item - CS2 Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239(2)(d)) - Physical Services Department


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