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Courage for Freedom (a div of Farmtown Canada)
Courage for Freedom

On July 30th at 9:20 a.m. we formally invite you to act!

International Day to End Trafficking will see the conclusion of #ProjectOnRoute* and launch of #ProjectMapleLeaf. It brings together collaborators, supporters, and survivors who created the biggest media awareness movement across the Province of Ontario.

(fact minor aged survivors need intensive, specialized services and supports to rebuild their lives that requires changes in the way we are delivering services currently~ awareness is step one)

Listening to survivors of human trafficking, forced prostitution, and sexual exploitation then amplifying their voice in the media starts conversations, forces us all to work together and take action. We are responsible to change the trends in human trafficking of minor aged victims in Ontario and Canada

(fact Over 60% of those trafficked in Canada reported it started in Ontario)

Courage for Freedom and the video concept of a 16 year old survivor will be on hand at select ONRoute* locations July 30th at 9:20 a.m. to celebrate awareness, and call to community action. This movement across the Province is a positive response to the crisis of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors. It highlights the new Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking National Hotline.

(fact most human trafficking in Ontario, persons trafficked are from Canada recruited in Canada)

Join us-Dignitaries and Community

NOTE: Additionally expect a NATIONAL announcement that is newsworthy.

Next to February 22nd Canada's National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, July 30th continues to be one of the most important days of the year for survivors, supporters and those working to end human trafficking, forced prostitution and sexual exploitation. (International Day to End Trafficking in Persons – United Nations)

This July 2019 will be a record-breaking month for Ontario as media screen ads across the ONroute* platform have had potential to reach 16.5 million views. The media screen campaign encompasses all locations across the Province. The celebration July 30th 9:20 a.m. will be at 13 Locations noted below. And the celebration will release the ads to the public.

A simple video showing girls having fun while travelling, a screen of written instructions to visit #knowhumantrafficking, the Provincial webpage of information and then the last screen, National hotline number for the newly launched Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking to close the ad.

(Canadian agencies confirm 66% of human trafficking victims report starting on the Ontario corridor. Although there are some trends and targeted populations, victims are now coming from all walks of life; with the majority of those (reportedly 72% 24 years of age and under 68% are 18 years of age and under -OPP 2016)

While the public has had global concerns over this issue in the past, we are now seeing reports, news stories and communities throughout Ontario and Canada almost daily. All communities are either directly affected or a "feeder" community for areas that are known as "hubs of activity". The frustration expressed by those in the front lines, and families required a response to "wake up" our communities to not only the problem, but what a person could and should do in response to this crisis. Although training continues to be offered to front line workers, police and victims services, it is the public that can help create a bigger social safety net and use their eyes and phones to help someone that might not be able to speak up or ask for help for themselves.

Courage for Freedom's Founder Kelly Franklin enlisted Business and Professional Women Ontario's Heather Ellis and Global Shapers Toronto's Ashley Boyes as Project Co-Leads. These women and their groups have worked tirelessly as hopeful volunteers. They attribute the positive response (and gratitude towards) agencies, police services, Crime Stoppers, families, MP's, MPP's, Mayors, Councillors, front line workers, ngo's, and people who just joined their journey by getting involved in social media and rsvp'ing support in the form of their attendance. Kelly attributes their success to those that came before her working on this issue and her own passionate believe that the work belongs to the survivors who taught her to call on the community to drop everything to focus together. (That is her story and stories of Courage for Freedom Vol 1) Note: (London-area chapter of Crime Stoppers has been quoted as saying "public awareness is the best weapon to fight trafficking." (London Free Press Jan 23/19))

The rsvp's for July 30th continue to fill their email inboxes.

"We want these ads to show our communities the truth without glamorization, shame and objectification of girls and women (boys and men) who are victims of a crime. It is the desire of every survivor that true images would allow more of the public to get involved and not be afraid to make the call. To show viewers where to look for more information, the Provincial hashtag #knowhumantrafficking is included in the ad. Who to call with a response (the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking newly launch hotline 1-833-900-1010 means each one of us, can record this number in our cell phones and mobile devices for future use, (their recent launch notes if you or you believe someone you see is a victim/survivor of forced prostitution or forced labour make the call.)

There are many challenges to this work but one of the biggest is that we need to go further than just reporting and reading about it happening, and feeling helpless and hopeless. This is just the

start of onscreen ads and other work that will open up future opportunity for more dialogue that ensures the creation of less stigma in our communities. We need to engage in greater support, care and find solutions to change the statistics and trends but we cannot work together, with our governments or victims without this first step. It's not a one approach or none, either or…but an "and/also" type of movement.

*Project ONroute and #ProjectONroute is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized or sponsored by the ONroute Highway Service Centres. All product and company names are the registered trademarks of their original owners. The use of any trade name or trademark is for identification and reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder or their brand.

NOTE: July 30th the ads will appear onscreen at the ONroutes* multiple times between 920 and 1020 a.m. and then be available for use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and may be copied and used by the public to increase the impact of the campaign until February 22, 2020 when the new campaign and movement is launching.

Note: Kelly has and is funding this completely by individuals and organizations without requests to the federal, provincial and municipal governments. As the Courage for Freedom Director with her Board, they have renewed their commitments to work with victims, their families, supporters, and partner police services, ngo's, agencies and other support resources until change in the care and decrease in our statistics is the outcome along our Highways and in communities all while doing direct work to serve survivors at the farm. Widely respected by these same partners, she has served tirelessly to ensure the Province benefits from this movement of awareness and that it will impact Canada. (The benefits on the backside of this campaign carry even more potential than the campaign itself, just ask her how.)


Courage for Freedom is a directive of a registered charity with CRA and has been active and vital in their community since 2007, now serving girls, teens, young adult women and their families in need of client centered support, referrals and resources. Specific to Farmtown Canada's programming and modality has been the use of horses in areas of PTSD Trauma and more. (Recent reports provided Ontario stats stating the engagement in South Western Ontario is 66% 18 and under with the average age being 13). To learn about their talks, training and certifications on human trafficking interests, work, partnerships and focus please contact their Director kelly@courageforfreedom.org personally.

Business and Professional Women of Ontario (BPWO) is part of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women which advocates for working women. These organizations work in collaboration with other women's organizations to present resolutions to government that serve to protect, empower, and enhances and make equitable opportunities for girls and women.


MEDIA rsvp if you will be providing media coverage the day of July 30th 9:20 a.m. by rsvping info@courageforfreedom.org and express which ONroute* (SEE LOCATIONS BELOW) you will be attending and type of media coverage. Media Day of the celebration introduce yourself to the project Ambassador before 9:15 a.m., who will be inside the location near the media screens.

EMAIL info@courageforfreedom.org
TEXT VOICE MAIL (519) 870-2292 Kelly Franklin

ONLY Locations to celebrate at on July 30th 920 a.m.:

  • 401W Bainsville
  • 401W Mallorytown North
  • 401E Trenton South
  • 400N Barrie
  • 401W Cambridge North
  • 401W West Lorne
  • 401E Morrisburg
  • 401W Napanee
  • 401E Port Hope
  • 400N King City
  • 401E Woodstock
  • 401E Tilbury South

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