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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Letters RE: Canadian flags for Port Stanley, Belmont, Sparta.


April 26, 2017

Here we go again !! Staff recommends that 150 flags be purchased and 95 of them put up in the business area of Port Stanley, 40 in Belmont, and 15 in Sparta. Of course NONE in Lynhurst or Eastwood area! Why doesn’t the BIA in those centers, pay for their flags?

By the way,in Lynhurst we have The Lynhurst Variety Store and gas bar,and it is our business area, as well as being located at a very busy intersection in the municipality. Also we have Mudges Appliance store, the largest appliance dealer in C.E.But as usual,anything that can be done to improve "the villages" we in Lynhurst help pay for, but do not get any consideration for the same improvements.

The one improvement I would like is a divorce from this forced marriage called Central Elgin. Shame on Council for even discussing this expenditure and not including all areas.

Stan Beleutz

Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 April 2017 07:17:29 AM EST

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