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February 4, 2020

In the words famously uttered by Abraham Lincoln, "The world will little note nor long remember." So it is with so many people we meet on the path of life; a brief death notice that struggles to compress a lifetime of experience into the space allotted for an obituary marks the passing of a person and an era.

Russ Galloway has passed away. For many years he lived on Norma Place, on the north side of Front Street in Port Stanley.

The Galloway family, of St. Thomas, once dominated the restaurant business in that city, owning several outlets on Ross and Talbot streets and catering many public and private functions. Their food service empire extended to Port Stanley with the acquisition of Harper's booth on the north side of Edith Cavell Boulevard, near the terminal of the L&PS Railway.

That is how Russ came to be acquainted with our village, his long summer days spent flipping hamburgs, mixing floats and shakes and serving the famous Brown Bobbies. Port Stanley's beach area provided an exciting backdrop for Russ's summer employment but it was not without its drawbacks. The Juke Box was the fad of the day and they were to be found at booths up and down the boardwalk. Russ recalled that a juke box near his work blared out the same popular song twenty times a day. He never forgot and never stopped disliking that tune.

As a senior citizen, Russ returned to the village. His home was on the site of the historic Fraser House and he had discovered the remains of the wine cellar that cooled the beverages imbibed by the famous and not-so-famous patrons of that establishment, including our most illustrious summer resident, Annie Pixley.

In his own quiet way, Russ was a link to our past, to the days that have come and gone and will never be again. Such is life and such is the passing of all of us.

Farewell Russ.

Oh….and there is a story about the naming of Norma Place, linked to Port Stanley's baseball hall of fame (If we had one).

So many stories. So little time.
Frank and Nancy Prothero.

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