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April 22, 2018

In your editorial concerning the development of the harbour lands, you stated that everyone needs to be involved. I would like to start with a few basic questions that have not yet been addressed.

  • 1. The basic element in any plan must be transportation. Port Stanley already faces critical auto congestion at peak holiday times. Proposals to increase tourism need to take traffic into account before, not after, they are introduced.
  • 2. Why does everybody protest so loudly that the harbour must make money? The King George V1 lift bridge does not make money. Neither does the arena, streets, schools, administrative buildings. Why is it that the harbour has to make money?
  • 3. Thinking along strictly financial lines undermines our capacity to make the most of the golden opportunity presented by municipal ownership of the harbour lands. How much of the planning so far has focused on making Port Stanley a better place to live? Not a bigger place with more people crowding our village, but a truly better place.

Central Elgin could benefit from a meaningful public discourse on the future of the harbour lands, starting with the basics.

Thank you for this opportunity to comment.

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