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by Doug Harvey
Construction starting for Rescue Boat Boathouse in Hofhuis Park

DHP Homes of St. Thomas has started the hardest part of the construction process of building the Rescue Boat Boathouse in Hofhuis Park. Today DHP Homes tradesmen were busy moving building supplies by hand, as access with larger vehicles to the Boathouse along the walkway is too hazardous because of unfrozen ground, and access by the bridge is not possible because that route is incomplete, and not capable of handing the weight of a large building material delivery truck.

Construction of the Boathouse was decided at a Council Meeting on Monday, November 14th, 2016, and the report and Tender Award details follow.

Report PW 80-16
To assist in the municipality's marine rescue and beach patrol operations, the municipality owns a 24 foot Zodiac RIB rescue boat. This is a considerable investment for the municipality. Currently, the vessel is moored dockside in the harbour and is utilized by both the Fire Department as well as the Beach Patrol. As a result of the foregoing, the boat is left to the elements as well it is not secure and potentially susceptible to vandalism or theft.

As part of the dredging project, the municipality constructed finger docks as well as the foundation to support a boat house structure to house this vessel. This work is now completed. The final phase of the project is to construct the building that will house the rescue boat. Staff had the boat house designed by Riggs Engineering. These plans were circulated to four local builders for pricing. The following prices were received:

  • DHP Homes, St. Thomas - $94,400 exclusive of HST
  • MD Construction, St. Thomas - $97,875.00 exclusive of HST

The original estimate to construct the boat house was $80,000. However, since that estimate the decision was made to utilize a Cement Board Siding rather than Vinyl and recycled rubber shingles rather than Asphalt. While both of these products are a more expensive to install initially, they both offer longer service life and reduced long term costs for the building. Staff would respectfully suggest that this is a prudent expenditure given the harsh elements that this structure will face on the waterfront.

The actual construction of the boathouse will not happen until winter and will be completed by April 1, 2017. As a result, if Council approves the project it will form part of the 2017 budget.

PW 80-16 Tender Award, Rescue Boat - Boathouse

A Motion moved by Dan McNeil and Seconded by Stephen Carr that the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin approve the construction of a new boat house to house the Central Elgin Rescue Boat at Hofhuis Park. And that DHP Homes be contracted to complete the work for a total cost of $94,400 exclusive of HST. And further that the cost be included in the 2017 Budget as per Report PW 80-16.

Harold Winkworth asked "Is there a concern in regards to vandalism, when you start putting stuff in that area." Lloyd Perrin responded saying, "The Boathouse will be locked, and will have secured access on all doors to it. If someone wants to swim underneath, and get in to the Boathouse, well there's not going to be anything there that isn't locked up." He also added later that an inside and outside security camera system may be installed.

Dennis Crevits commented, "I am surprised at this one, the amount that this tender is for, I noticed that it is just under the $100,000 mark, for their tendering process, but this was just circulated to Builders, and not actually sent out for a Public Tender. I want to know why it was not sent out for a Public Tender?" Lloyd Perrin responded saying, "We approached four builders that we believe do good quality workmanship after talking with the Building Department, and then asked them for bids. We did not go out to Public Tender, if Council want's us to go back out for Public Tender, after the New Year, we can do that, I'm not so sure we would probably get much difference in price, but we are open to that." Dennis Crevits asked for a recorded vote, and the Motion was Passed, with only Councillor Ward 2, Dennis Crevits opposed.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 January 2017 18:03:08 PM EST

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