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Canada seeks tariff protections as Trump treats measure like a 'toy': sources

NAFTA Talks 20180916

The window for Canada and the U.S. to land a NAFTA breakthrough this week is getting smaller, as officials sit down in Washington, D.C., today for what are expected to be the final high-level meetings this week.

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World Anti-Doping Agency votes to reinstate Russia


The World Anti-Doping Agency has reinstated Russia, ending a nearly three-year suspension caused by state-sponsored doping.

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The high price and complicated politics of sticking with Brett Kavanaugh


With six weeks to go before crucial midterm elections, Republicans, who already have a problem appealing to women, are planning a high-profile public hearing that risks reminding women of why that is.

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What happens when your neighbours smoke up, and it could kill you?

Adele Schroder

A woman who has a life-threatening allergy to cannabis lives in a condo where owners voted down a proposal to ban weed smoking in the units.

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Leaving Venezuela: How Colombia is shouldering a migration crisis

Colombia-Venezuela migration

The economic disaster in Venezuela has forced many people to try their luck by heading west - to Colombia.

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Hamilton police to announce arrest in killings of mobster Angelo Musitano, Toronto woman

HAM0915-angelo musitano

Hamilton police are holding a news conference starting at 11 a.m. ET today to announce an arrest in the killings of mobster Angelo Musitano and a Toronto woman. Watch the news conference live.

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Rich investors granted Canadian residency despite fake documents and dubious assets, ex-officials say

David Heurtel, Quebec minister

Some rich foreigners seeking Canadian residency under a special Quebec program for wealthy investors couldn't point to the province on a map while others submitted fake documents or disguised their assets — yet many of them were still accepted for immigration, former civil servants say.

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The hunt for online herb: Ottawa seeks clarity on hazy world of pot's cryptomarket

Cannabis Cybercrime 20180920

The Canadian government insists pot legalization will help the country snuff out crime — but internally it's wondering what will become of the fuzzy world of illegal online weed transactions.

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CBC Business

Get paid to smoke pot? A Toronto-based cannabis company may have your dream job

Cannabis Connoisseurs 20180919

A cannabis firm is looking to hire five pot aficionados from across the country to sample the company's wares and get paid to do it. The bud brain trust will form the company's "cannabis curation committee."

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Hundreds of faulty pipeline parts could expand or break

Manufacturing pipeline fittings

The National Energy Board has found hundreds of parts currently being used on major oil and gas pipelines are not as strong as previously thought and could expand or break if put under enough pressure.

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Nasdaq halts trading in Tilray after pot stock doubles in 2 days

Marijuana IPO

Shares in Canadian marijuana company Tilray Inc. were halted on the Nasdaq Wednesday after they doubled in two days.

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'We can't wait': Why more Canadians are finally getting serious about making less garbage

Sophie Jacazio

A growing number of Canadian consumers and businesses are taking action against single-use plastics, even before this week's meeting of G7 environment ministers in Halifax. And there's a fresh understanding that biodegradable and compostable plastics are a problem, too.

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Cathay Pacific pokes fun at self after misspelling its own name on a plane

Cathay Pacific typo

Pictures of a giant typo on a Cathay Pacific jet in Hong Kong have been making the rounds online, but the company is keeping its sense of humour.

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Former exec sues Spotify over boys-only events and pay

Spotify Lawsuit

A former sales executive is suing Spotify for gender discrimination and equal pay violations, saying executives organized "boys' trips" that excluded women and that the company paid men more for the same work.

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