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Port Stanley Cat Rescue Needs Your Donations

Please consider donating any garage items to Port Stanley Cat Rescue for our two upcoming garage sales, May 19th and Sept 1st. We can pick up and if you have a large or valuable item, it can be advertised & sold on Kijii. Please call Suzanne: 519-782-4914

Port Stanley Cat rescue is a registered non-profit charity since 2014 and is now an Adoption Partner with PetSmart in London. We have been successful in getting adoptive homes for abandoned and stray cats but we always try to reunite lost pets with owners before adoption. We work very diligently and caring for our rescued cats but veterinary costs are always high. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Phone: 519-782-4914 Web Email

Free Ads for Free Giveaways

Got something perfectly good that you no longer want? Don't want to do the yard sale thing? Will it get wrecked by rain if you put it out with a 'free' sign on it? Don't throw it in the trash ! Advertise it here for free and whoever wants it will come pick it up. Reuse, recycle, give away and reduce the amount that goes into our landfill sites ! Be part of making an individual difference.

Contact: Port Stanley News.com at 12 - 301 Carlow Rd., Port Stanley, ON

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